One of the most difficult things in recovering from a massive stroke was
my complete lack of energy.  Far more than the problems associated with
weak muscles and nerves that didn't respond to my brain, was a general malaise.
Once I started using the EFS on a regular basis - five times a week - I was
startled by the increase in my energy, and general well-being.  That has
had a major effect on my recovery.

In addition, I've also seen increases in the movement of my limbs on my
affected side while on the machine.  This increased mobility is now
beginning to show when I'm no longer attached.

I'm on the machine for an hour at a time.  If I was the more contemplative
sort, this might be a good time for meditation, but I've chosen to use
books on tape to keep my mind occupied.  I find it a very pleasant hour.

R.A. Deckert 

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