From: Gene Bazan
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 11:16 AM
To: Justin Brost
Subject: Re: EFS report

February 27, 2011

Justin E. Brost, President
EFS Technologies, Inc.

Dear Justin,

My sister, brother and I all came down with polio as children in the late summer of 1953, one year before the Salk vaccine was introduced. Though I wasn’t paralyzed, my neurons were badly damaged, a condition I didn’t appreciate until I developed Post-Polio Syndrome in my late fifties. Since our neurons drive all autonomic and central nervous system functions, the effects on me were widespread: muscle weakness on modest exertion, breathing difficulty, heartbeat irregularities and blood pressure spikes, digestive slowdown, and “brain fog.” Felt like Alzheimer’s.

Except for the injunction to do less, allopathic medicine has no cure for PPS. I therefore felt I had nothing to lose by trying alternative modalities. Providentially, in my professional life I had worked with individuals interested in alternative healing therapies and devices, and had access to a wide variety of these. I tried many “energy medicine” therapies to no avail (jin shin jyutsu, chi-gong, Reiki, cranial-sacral, Brennan energy medicine, Emilie Conrad’s “Continuum”). I traveled with my wife to Brazil to visit Joao de Deus, a noted faith healer, without experiencing any physical improvement. I worked with a homeopathic practitioner, and tried a number of preps, one of which helped with a period of anxiety early on. Among the “devices,” I tried numerous electro-magnetic devices, light and sound devices, and others. With one exception, I could detect no improvement in energy levels, muscle use, pain and fatigue reduction, or brain fog.

The one exception was the Energetic Fitness System. My wife received one in the university lab where she tested alternative healing devices. I began using it in the summer of 2006, daily for a half hour. After three weeks, I found myself one morning having climbed a flight of stairs in our house without the usual muscle pain and fatigue attending each step!  I realized I hadn’t done that since the onset of PPS! I also felt less pain and fatigue walking around our yard. I now feel more alert, and experience less brain fog. These benefits have been a major boon!  I trudge less! I don’t know whether this device is regenerating neurons, so I am mindful of spending the benefit at the cost of more rapidly wearing out my neurons. I continue using the EFS daily.

Gene Bazan,
Lemont, PA


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