I am a former athlete who now enjoys backpacking and carpentry on a semi-regular basis.  When the muscles in my right shoulder started to get sore and weak, I coddled the joint for three days.  On the third day I couldn't move my arm from the shoulder, let alone lift anything.  And the pain, the constant pain that only changed when I tried or accidentally moved my arm, then I relearned what pain was.  With hot and cold compresses, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers; my shoulder got no better.  I finally saw a doctor, who had no advice and no idea when I would be able to use my right arm again. 


Then a friend recommended the EFS, Energy Fitness System.  I used the device for about 30 minutes, and after about 20, I could move my arm.  And it didn't hurt!  It hurt to move my arm its full range of motion, but I could put a coat on. I returned two days later and used the EFS for about 40 minutes, and got nearly full range of motion out of my shoulder.  That was it.  Simple and no lifetime of treatments to purchase.  I write this a month after my shoulder injury, able to do the labor of carpentry again.  Thank you Emmett, Justin and Shannon Brost for the use of my right arm.


-bHowie, 31, student @ WWU 3/25/05


"Life is experience coerced out of matter and energy."

  _bHowie, U.H.O.H., Neo-Tribal Revolution

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