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Being a professional athlete, I am always looking for
ways to improve my health and vitality.  After using
the EFS-100 this winter I have experienced advances
in my energy levels previously unseen. My recovery
time from off-season workouts has been dramatic and
injury recovery time has decreased as well. During a
major league baseball season, each team plays 162
games with rarely a day off. I am looking forward to
having my Energetic Fitness System available this season
to counter act the pit falls in energy lulls I experience
from travel, a grueling schedule, and constant
environmental factors that we all go through living today.
Anyone can benefit from the EFS-100, those looking to
increase their vitality to those needing to rehabilitate
from illness or injury. The bottom line is that
the Energetic Fitness System dramatically works.

Jayson Werth - Professional Baseball Player
Outfielder for the Washington Nationals

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