Jeb Barton – Testimonial

November 7, 2003

Male 58 years old

Excellent health


My uncle was a dentist.  He drilled into me that the health of your gum tissue was the index of your dental health.  As a result I get my teeth cleaned every four months.  I have been using the EFS-100 for about 4 months now.  I use it about twice a week for about 30 minutes at a time. 


A recent visit to the hygienist was the first time since using the EFS.  The very moment that she began probing my gums for depth and texture, I suddenly noticed a very different feeling than usual.  I could easily feel that the gums were significantly firmer.  I would say undoubtedly 70%. 


I immediately thought of the EFS.  I end my charging session with 30 seconds to one minute with bulb on each jaw muscle, each temple, my third eye and acupuncture points ST2 and ST3 just under the eyes.  I also put about 2 minutes into the optical lobes and at the base of the skull.


Although I said nothing to her, I had the overwhelming certainty that this huge jump in the health of my already healthy gums was unquestionably a result of the EFS.  About 3/4 of the way through this initial part of the pre-cleaning examination, she stopped.  Paused a moment and said, "what have you been doing?!  Your gums are in extraordinary shape.  They are always very good for you age but this is incredible.  Jeb, your gums look like those of a 25 year old!"


I told her what I had been doing and she simply said, "wow, that's incredible.  You really ought to keep doing that."


About five weeks ago I accidentally dropped a 20 lb. barbell directly on the second toe of my left foot.  It fell about 30" and the edge of the weight hit dead center on the toe.  I knew immediately that I had really trashed the toe.  I was a farrier for several years and having been stepped on by 2000 lb. horses, I have a very good sense of what a toe injury can be.  Circumstances were such that I could not ice it until 5 hours later.  


The entire toe was purple, blue and black including the nail.  The discoloration extended back into the foot about 1 1/2".  It was already so swollen that there was no space whatsoever between the first three toes.  The second toe had swollen to fill the entire gap.  It was as bad as any horse stomping I had ever had.


I was fairly certain the bone was fractured based upon the hemorrhaging and pain.  My educated guess told me it would be 4 weeks before I could play tennis on the toe.  Tennis is my main winter sport and tennis and basketball players have issues with bruised toes due to sudden stops.  (Shaquille O'Neal is a well known example).


I started using the EFS 6 hours after the injury.  By the next day I could place the glass bulb directly on the injury for short periods of time.  I used it 3 times a day for 5 days.  By the third day I could leave the bulb on the toe for 30-45 minutes without any pain.  Amazingly the swelling went down to almost normal in 2 days.  Even more amazing the discoloration began to disappear!!  In only 5 days at 3 times per day the toe was about 85-90% healed!  I played tennis five days after the injury and could play at a about 90-95%.  I continued twice per day for 4 or 5 more days and that was that.


I am very familiar with these kinds of injuries having also been an athlete all my life.  In my estimation the injury healed approximately 6 times (600%) faster than normal.  Even more extraordinary is the fact that the extensive hemorrhaging completely disappeared in 5-7 days and all discoloration under the nail disappeared also.  Always with severely smashed toes or fingers the nail grows out and is frequently sloughed with the discoloration remaining under the nail because there is virtually no vascular system through which it can drain. My only explanation is that the EFS created a hyper healing environment and as such eventually facilitated a partial collapse of the time/space continuum.


Ironically I severely smashed the third finger on my right hand three weeks after the toe incident.  I rarely do these sorts of things but maybe on a subconscious level the toe healing so amazed me that I wanted another go at it. 


A 35-40 lb. Rock dropped about 8" and trapped the end of the finger between two rocks.  Within a minute I felt the warm, wet-soggy feeling in the end of my glove that told me there was profuse bleeding.   I cleaned it with ice-cold water, put fresh Aloe Vera all over it, taped it up and went back to work.  I had 8 workers hired on a pond repair project and couldn't stop to ice or really clean the finger.


Again, it was instantly black-blue-purple and quite torn up around the nail and cuticle.  The aspects were essentially the same as the toe, unable to put any pressure on the finger, much less hold onto anything.  The ability to grip should have been lost for 3-4 weeks.  Fully strong grip was 5-6 weeks off. 


I used the same protocol with EFS and miraculously I was playing tennis in 4 days with 95% gripping strength.  I did not take pain relief medication for the injury.  All the blood discoloration disappeared from under the nail and the nail is perfect.  Again my estimation would be a healing rate of 6x.


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