"I wanted to thank you for the EFS-200. I have worked with nutritionists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and M.D.s to try to resolve a problem I had with my adrenals. "Had" is the operative word. What blows me away is that in just 5 minutes -- literally -- on the machine my adrenals were turned around. Within a couple of days I knew that they were handled. I know because I have had a skin condition that only abates when my adrenals are working. Otherwise I have to put medicine on it twice a day to stop the pain. I have not used that medicine once since that first 5 minute treatment. The skin condition vanished.

Also, and this blows my mind, my friend has been talking to me about getting surgery because he is now bone-on-bone in one of his hips. He has been getting injections and treating it with PEMF, but the pain persisted. It pained me to watch him walk because of the limp and the grimace with every step. He used the EFS for 15 minutes and then walked around. He announced that the pain was 80 percent reduced. Over the last couple of weeks he has used it several times -- about 3 times a week -- and now walks normally and has no pain. He is a chiropractor and an outstanding nutritionist and says he has never before seen such an amazing turn-around for a problem like this. We are both really impressed."

John, EFS-200 PRO owner


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