Optimal Performance


1  November 2003


My name is Karl Mohr and I am sixty-nine years old.   I am presently in my twenty-six year of association with the University of California at Berkeley Men's Swimming Team.  It was through this association that I was contacted by Justin and Shannon Brost and made aware of the EFS-100.


I have been using the device daily now for almost three months, originally for twenty-five minutes, and for the last three weeks, forty-five minutes per session.  During that period a number of improvements have been obvious.  These improvements were not immediate, but steadily progressed through time.


1)    Mild arthritis in hands gone.

2)    Moderately severe arthritis in left foot gone.

3)    More severe arthritis in right foot 70% improved.

4)    Undiagnosed perhaps malignant skin lesion on left forearm that would not heal, healed and gone.

5)    Diagnosed malignant skin lesion on left back jaw scheduled for surgery, gone.

6)    Painful knees more flexible and 90% improved.

7)    Mild prostate hypertrophy improved.

8)    Long time chronic lower back problem improved.

9)    Slight increase in almost lost sense of smell.

11)  Twenty year progressing Restless Leg Syndrome slightly improved  

12)  Improved sleep

13)  Improved recovery

14)  Improved vitality

15)  Improved productivity

16)  Improved mental attitude: more joyful, excited about life,

           tolerant, loving

17)  Improved mental capacity


It is of interest that, although the above happened over time, there were also immediate results noticeable the first time I used the device.  Besides a general enlivening, there was a definite shift in vision.  Everything seemed more crisp and sharp, not just more in focus, but perhaps of higher resolution, and colors and play of light were considerably enhanced.  


What was more extraordinary, the demonstration that evening, which was attended by some nine people, ran over at least two hours beyond schedule.  The only way I can explain the phenomenon was that a kind of salubrious, happy, and quite amiable energy field seemed to have accumulated from the general use of the three devices in the room which everyone, consciously or unconsciously, was simply reluctant to leave.  I finally left with two friends who had to stop by my home to pick up some personal items they had left there before they had hastily to drive back to San Francisco, it having gotten so late.  It was a full hour before they left we were having such a joyous time hanging out together.  I can say I have not laughed as much in decades.  As strange as all this sounds, I know of nothing else that could have brought about such unusual behavior other than the synergy of the sessions most of us had on the three EFS-100’s, the several focus sessions that Justin conducted, and the group of five session we did together.


I am very excited about the implications of all that I have experienced with the EFS-100 and look forward to further and deeper exploration of the full possibility of this technology.



UPDATE     23 March 2004


For several months now I have been using the EFS-100 regularly for an hour a day before dinner.  I discovered that I could comfortably position myself supine on a light pad in front of the unit.  With some Beethoven, Mozart, or other uplifting music filling the room, I quickly disappear for most of the period and come back feeling balanced and rested, somewhat as if I had just meditated.  Dinner tastes great and I have plenty of energy for the evening, which normally concludes sometime after midnight.  Understandably, I never miss a session.  My overall health, energy level, mental attitude, and productivity have reached a high degree of excellence for one of my age, a condition I realize that I have come almost to take for granted. 


The 4th Ranked Division 1 Cal Men's Swimming Team has also been using the EFS-100 to its advantage throughout the 2004 season, which culminates this week at NCAA's in Long Island, NY. 

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