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From: Milorad Cavic

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Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 4:19 PM

Subject: EFS Testimony


My name is Milorad Cavic and I am a swimmer at UC Berkeley. I have a history

of lower back problems and it wasn't until my senior year that I learned I had

two bulging discs in my lower lumbar. It's been a problem that has set my training

back many weeks and the pain has been excruciating at times. Along-side extensive

stretching and core exercises, the EFS machine has been a great supplement to

the suppression of pain and the recovery of my back. Using the EFS machine before

and during my breaks at competitions has also helped revitalize not only my body,

but also my mind. In competitive swimming, athletes tend to feel run down after

one or two races, and coming off the EFS machine after my races has raised

the alertness of my body and confidence in racing all over again, just better!

I've seen the amazing results of this technological and scientific discovery, and

it's definitely something that makes a great difference in allowing me to utilize my

talents, and without the troubles of pain.

Justin, thanks again for your help.  If you want any stats

on my swimming you can use this:

-2009 World Champion Gold Medalist

-2008 Olympic Silver Medalist

-3 time Olympian

Milorad Cavic



B92-Omega admit Cavic Olympic Injustice (Adobe PDF Document)

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