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Patrick Rummerfield's top 10 accomplishments as the First fully functional SCI quadriplegic:

1.)    Participate and complete in a 5K run  

2.)    Olympic distant triathlon, 1.5K Swim - 40K Bike - 10K Run

3.)    Participate and complete a 26.2 miles marathon

4.)    Participate and complete the Hawaiian IronMan Triathlon, 2.5 ocean swim,

 112 mile bicycle ride, 26.2 mile run

5.)    One of only 82 athletes to participate in and complete the Antarctica Marathon

6.)    FIA World Land Speed record holder in an Electric Car, 245 mph.

7.)    USA National Land Speed record holder

8.)    Lifetime member of the 200 MPH club

9.)    First to drive in a NASCAR event (Irwindale Speedway)

10.) First to test in a Infinity Pro formula car (Las Vegas Speedway)

"Considered a top amateur athlete (recipient of the ESPN Arête Amateur Athlete of the Year award) and being the first fully functional SCI quadriplegic, I am always investigating new technique that will improve my performance in athletic endeavors as well as my overall daily health and performance levels.  The Energetic Fitness System significantly reduces sore muscle recovery time from workouts and physical events which allows athletes of all types to stay on top of their game."

 Patrick Rummerfield

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