Commercial Sales Terms & Conditions

Commercial Sales Terms & Conditions


All orders are FOB Warehouse, Bellingham WA. Domestic to Washington, In‐State Orders Will Call Only and assessed sales tax unless Purchaser provides appropriate legal Use Tax documentation.  Sales Order Total does not include Shipping & Handling.  These charges will be billed separately and paid before order ships.  International Orders (outside the Continental USA) are packaged normally for domestic shipping.  Additional special packaging for international shipment will be provided by third party and the cost, thereof, will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. International Purchaser shall be solely responsible for arranging and providing to the selected carrier all appropriate, necessary, and required documentation.  International Purchaser accepts the responsibility of payment for any-and-all duties, tariffs, taxes and other charges of whatever nature or kind required prior to or simultaneously with the exportation into that foreign jurisdiction. All Prices USD.  Prices subject to change without further notice. Standard Terms: Prepaid. 3% Convenience Fee for Credit Card Purchases may be assessed at EFS’ discretion.  Three Year Limited Warranty Guarantee is NON-TRANSFERABLE.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for orders to be available for Shipping or WILL CALL.   Occasionally, shipment or availability could be delayed due to interruptions in supply chain for parts and materials beyond anyone’s control. Delays caused by these issues are not cause for order cancellation or refund of payment.  All units are built to order.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Purchaser has read and agrees that if the EFS equipment ordered sustains shipping damage: 1) Shipping Damage will be reported within 24 hours following receipt of shipment by Purchaser; 2) Purchaser will provide to Energetic Fitness Systems any requested or important photos, documentation, etc. of shipment damage; 3) Purchaser will keep damaged equipment with packaging pending Shipping Company inspection; 4) Purchaser will fully cooperate with shipping company inspection procedures.



  1. Commercial / Professional ownership of any EFS Unit are limited to and licensed for “Commercial and Professional Use”. Usage License is NON-Transferable.
  2. The EFS Limited Warranty is NON‐TRANSFERABLE.
  3. Purchaser understands and agrees not to engage in, allow or encourage Energetic Focus Sessions™ by Non-Energetic Fitness Systems™ Certified Technicians.
  4. Purchaser will not allow misrepresentation of Energetic Fitness Systems™’ usage nor deviate from Energetic Fitness Systems™ usage, technology explanation or equipment trademarked materials or media.
  5. Purchaser, along with their representatives agrees to and will have ALL PERSONS before their first usage of PURCHASER’S EFS EQUIPMENT, either: 1) digitally complete and sign Energetic Fitness Systems™ Usage Waiver Form, or; 2) completely fill and signed an identical hard copy version of the forementioned digital Usage Waiver Form.  Hard copy signed Usage Waiver will be kept safely and securely by Purchaser and willingly shared with Energetic Fitness Systems™ or their legal agents immediately upon request.
  6. Purchaser, along with their representatives agree that they will complete the EFS Charging Session Technician Certification E-Course for the EFS 300PRO Series equipment before offering EFS Charging Sessions to anyone. Course will be completed by Purchaser before their initial EFS equipment purchase ships.  



Purchaser understands and agrees not to represent otherwise:

  1. The Energetic Fitness System™ DOES NOT HEAL.
  2. The Energetic Fitness System™ is not a medical device and is not for use in the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or prevention of any disease, physical ailment, or medical condition.
  3. Use of the Energetic Fitness System™ is not a replacement for accepted traditional or alternative medical care.
  4. Each user should first consult with their physician before use of the Energetic Fitness System™.
  5. Usage of the Energetic Fitness System™ is not recommended by individuals that have heart pacemakers or any other implanted electrical device.

Third party statements, testimonials and descriptions are the accounts and opinions of Energetic Fitness Systems™ Users/Customers. These third party statements, testimonials and descriptions are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or prevention of any disease, physical ailment or medical condition and have not been evaluated by the FDA, and as such, should not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise.

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