EFS-300PRO Series

EFS-300PRO Series

Experience EFS Charging Sessions YOUR WAY! 🙂

EFS Charging Sessions YOUR WAY

Sitting…   Standing…   Laying Down…  Energized Stretching…   Yoga …   Meditating…   Relaxing…   Visualizing…  So many ways!

Safe for ALL Ages!

Currently Available

EFS-300PRO Series!

Commercial EFS-PRO Portable VAC Charging Stations

Rugged EFS-300PRO Portable with two models available: 

Single Amplitude Setting (SS) or Variable Amplitude Control (VAC)

Designed for Professional / Commercial Use. 

Both come standard with one single EFS Charging Plate and One EFS PCS/Bulb Attachment

*All Models include One ON/OFF Switch Attachment

EFS-300PRO Portable

EFS-300PRO Portable Edition

The Hi-Tech Sleek EFS-350 Table Top model (single power setting)

Designed for Personal Use or for small area Commercial/Professional Use

Comes Standard with one single EFS Charging Plate, One EFS PCS/Bulb Attachment & ON/OFF Switch Attachment

EFS-350 Table Top Edition

EFS-350 Table Top Edition

Standard EFS Charging Plate and PCS/Bulb Attachments

Standard Footplate and PCS.Bulb Attachments

Both models complete with:

  • Complete with advanced innovations of the Energetic Fitness Systems technology.
  • Convenient Plug-In Charging Plates.
  • Minimal maintenance design – NO COPPER TUNER PLATE (as was found in earlier models).
  • Hi-Tech Sleek Look!


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Energetic Fitness Systems


The EFS-300 PRO Series is not so much an improvement of earlier EFS Models… These represent an entirely new technology, utilizing the same contact system of these earlier models (PCS/Plasma Bulb and Glass Charging Plates) but evolved to a whole new technology.

EFS-300 PRO Series offers a more robust & consistent energetic charging experience & requires less maintenance than any other PEMF available.




Can be used SITTING, STANDING OR IN A PRONE POSITION by nearly everyone that does not have an implanted electrical device. Used by thousands safely over the past 20 plus years.


Provides a unique Analog contact pulsed electromagnetic field.


The EFS-300 Series does not have a computer or any other digital frequency generator. It is totally an ANALOG system. There are no computer circuits, circuit boards or any digital interference within the technology.


In other words, the EFS has no signal generator or frequency generator of any kind.  It provides a robust electromagnetic field that the user’s body intelligence utilizes to raise its cellular energy amplitude.
The EFS only utilizes frequencies generated by the atoms found in the user’s own cells.  We believe that these atoms of the user’s cells produce all of the frequencies that are necessary and sufficient. The frequencies from the atoms cannot be improved upon and any artificially added frequencies by manmade devices only end up as degrading interference to the biological operation of the user’s cells.  
We do not believe in the concept of creating manmade frequencies to bombard the user’s body and cells.  Afterall, despite what is claimed and theorized by others, no one really knows what frequencies the user’s body actually needs or does not want.  So, even though every other PEMF on the market has some type of signal or frequency generator, the EFS does not have any of these.


The first part uses principles of physics to couple, in an analog manner, with the natural frequencies emitted by the atoms within the user’s body.  Hence, none of the frequencies published on the internet or found in marketing literature are pertinent to the operation of the EFS.   

The second part then uses these same principles of physics in an analog manner to amplify and reintroduce those natural frequencies into the user’s body while maintaining the integrity of these natural frequencies. This analog amplification and reintroduction of the user’s natural frequencies is far from being an easy task to accomplish since this has taken us decades to develop. 

This analog amplification and reintroduction of the user’s natural frequencies increases intracellular voltage levels of the cells throughout the user’s body. With this increase of intracellular voltage, cellular energy levels throughout the user’s body are increased to enhance maintenance, repair, detoxification, rejuvenation, and various other biological functions.


Original technology was developed by Nikola Tesla while working with George Lakhavsky in the late 1800’s. Energetic Fitness Systems equipment maintains original concepts and output utilizing today’s advanced components.


There is no need for a full-time technician during a charging session. After first time instruction, most users become self-serve with little monitoring necessary.


Includes any upgrades that may become available for this model. 

What you WON’T FIND in Energetic Fitness Systems™ Equipment…

But WILL FIND with other technologies.



• NO Digital Frequency Generators

• NO Flashing or Blinking Lights

• NO Aluminum Foil Footplates

• NO Water Container for Your Feet

• NO Pre-Programmed Frequencies, Frequency Patterns or Pulses

• NO Power Mats, Pads, Probes, Glasses, Coils, Loops, Applicators, Knobs or Buttons

• NO Plasma Tubes with Mercury, Cadmium, Bromine or Other Toxic Substances

• NO Full-Time Technician Holding the User’s Hand or Arm

• NO Equipment Programming Necessary

The primary theory as to how the Energetic Fitness Systems™ technology works is by initially creating a broad-range of “PURE ANALOG”, rapidly changing frequencies delivered through High-Static via contact with the EFS PCS (Plasma Bulb) and EFS Charging Plate(s) thereby incorporating the user/individual into the completed circuit; that broad-range of frequencies then settles into a Resonance Frequency Pattern that is unique to each individual EFS user. The theory is to raise the amplitude, or energy, of the body’s cells, which in turn may allow the body to heal itself.

Think of a 15-year-old that suffers a scratch to their arm; that scratch could be completely healed within a few days. But take someone who is 50 and gets the same scratch; it could take a couple of weeks, or longer, to completely heal. With additional energy, could it be possible for the 50-year-old to heal more rapidly?

As part of this theory, the Energetic Fitness System™ technology has long been described as a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) device by many, and although that description is technically correct, the Energetic Fitness System™ is far more than just a PEMF.

In addition, the Electromagnetic Field Frequencies are ANALOG. This creates frequency patterns that are different for each individual, which seem to change over time. These frequencies are not “programmed”, by a digital computer or frequency, and then forced upon the human system as if each individual were exactly the same. The uniqueness of each person’s frequency pattern suggests that the individual is actually part of the tuning process.


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