What makes this technology totally unique is the harmonic frequency patterns created are different for each person and are analog – as is the human biologic system.

Energetic Fitness Systems™ technology is a major innovation of a very old technology, which was originally conceptualized by Nikola Tesla while working with George Lakhovsky in the late 1800’s. Tesla’s theory was that it would be possible, via a unique static field, to infuse bio-compatible energy into the human body energetically balancing the individual and that by so doing allow the body to function optimally.

The Energetic Fitness System™ technology provides the ultimate tool for balancing the body’s energetic system by creating a broad range of ANALOG (non-digitally-generated), rapidly changing frequencies delivered through a high-static resonance frequency field to the user. It can be used safely by nearly anyone that does not have an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker.

What makes this technology totally unique is the harmonic frequency patterns created are different for each person. These frequency patterns are analog, as is the human biologic system.

These frequencies are not “programmed” by a computer or digital frequency generator and then forced upon the human system, as if each individual were exactly the same. The uniqueness of each person’s frequency pattern provides evidence that the individual is actually part of the tuning process.


The desire is to reinforce the frequency harmonics of the body’s individual cells thereby raising the energy levels of those cells. These increased energy levels can improve individual cellular functions which in turn may alleviate stress on bodily systems optimizing the performance of the whole being.

At the same time, the initial research seems to point towards a “turning on” or “turning up” of the cells. The energetic level, or field, of the body has been shown to expand during the 25 minutes of EFS use and will continue to expand even after the individual shuts off the EFS unit. The average expansion seems to be about 8.4 times (840%) during the initial usage. It then can expand an additional 10%, from that expanded point, over the next 30 minutes after the EFS unit has been shut off. The field seems to remain stable for up to four hours before beginning to taper off and the field affects also appear accumulative with regular use.

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