How to use an EFS 


Before using the Energetic Fitness System™ technology some considerations should be taken into account.   It has been observed that EFS usage  seems to enable the cellular receptors of the user  to operate at a heightened level.  This means that items such as: nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. seem to be processed rapidly and more completely, increasing absorption potentials.  It is prudent to assume that  prescription medications may be processed similarly.  Most pharmaceuticals are designed and manufactured with the understanding that the human system will only process / absorb a percentage of any one drug.  It is possible that  an individual who is a regular user of the EFS, may need to talk to their health care provider about adjusting dosages to a smaller quantity of a medication than before EFS usage.

What we have learned over the years is to employ what we call “The 2 or 2” method.  If you are taking pharmaceuticals, then either take them 2 hours before using the EFS (that way the medications should already be in the system or alternatively,  wait 2 hours after using the EFS to allow for increased absorption potentials  to start reducing).

At the same time as the cells seem to be processing intake items quicker, they also seem to be rapidly detoxing.  This has been observed using Darkfield Microscopy before and after EFS charging sessions, where a  substantial amount of “detritus”, or debris was seen in the fluid surrounding  the cells after a charging session that had not been there prior to charging.  Increased fluid intake should be a priority following energetic charging sessions on the EFS.  Many people have experimented with this using everything from supplements to alcohol.  Please note; the alcohol experiment did not end well.

As noted earlier and in our disclaimers, an Energetic Fitness System should not be used by anyone with any type of an implanted electrical device.  Magnetic jewelry should NEVER be worn during use.  Magnetic jewelry may create vibrations that can actually burn the skin.

There have been individuals having such  low energy fields, evidenced when placing both feet down on the glass footplate is too strong for them.  In that case, just remember that our feet are like the “accelerator controls”, the more coverage on the footplate, the stronger the sensation.  If it is too strong, take a foot off the plate, or roll onto the side of a foot.  For these low energy people, although it may seem challenging for them to tolerate the intensity of first usage, nearly everyone will be able to get both feet flat on the plate in a short amount of time.

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