SCIENCE – Behind NEW 300PRO Series

SCIENCE – Behind NEW 300PRO Series


The EFS-300 PRO Series is not so much an improvement of earlier EFS models but is an entirely new technology which utilizes the same contact system of these earlier models. EFS-300 PRO Series models represent an advanced version of the original PCS/Bulb and Glass Charging Plates.


The Energetic Fitness Systems technology uses a unique form of electromagnetic wave forms to cause specified changes in matter. More particularly, this technology deals with methods and for the creation and application of conditioned electromagnetic potentials, fields, and waves, wherein the conditioning comprises the particle signals of matter within the human body, which in turn affects the linear amplitude of the unique harmonic signals of each cell within the body’s energetic system (or the body dielectric).  The process entails the introduction into the body dielectric the same particle signals, via a conditioned EM potential, emitted by the body dielectric, but amplified.  The formation of the desired conditioning of the induced EM potentials into every part of the body is accomplished by the highly nonlinear characteristics of the body and cellular material at every level, in every location in the body dielectric.  The results of the interactions may be the increased amplitude of the unique cellular signals, thus correcting the cellular transmembrane potential, or voltage, and ultimately the cellular functions.

These EM waves and potentials emitted by the body dielectric are unique particle signals, or frequencies, and harmonic signals that make up the entire body dielectric.  It should be noted here that this system is totally analog as is the body dielectric and all signals produced therein.

Every cell in a living body is comprised of these unique signals, which originate from a subatomic level. For this explanation we will begin with an atom.  Every atom has a unique set of frequencies, depending on the state they are in at that moment in time.  The average 165 lbs person has approximately 10 27 atoms in their body (2).  (That is 10 27 times Y, where Y is the possible specific frequencies for each atom, as all the possible frequency signals and various combinations and amplitudes)

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