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I’d like at this time to answer some constantly asked questions about the EFS.
Know that your questions are always welcomed.

QUESTION 1:   What frequencies does the EFS generate?

ANSWER: None.  The EFS does not generate any frequencies. 
In other words, the EFS has no signal generator or frequency generator of any kind.
The EFS only utilizes frequencies generated by the atoms found in the user’s own cells.  We believe that these atoms of the user’s cells produce all of the frequencies that are necessary and sufficient. The frequencies from the atoms cannot be improved upon and any artificially added frequencies by manmade devices only end up as degrading interference to the biological operation of the user’s cells.  
We do not believe in the concept of creating manmade frequencies to bombard the user’s body and cells.  Afterall, despite what is claimed and theorized by others, no one really knows what frequencies the user’s body actually needs or does not want.  So, even though every other PEMF on the market has some type of signal or frequency generator, the EFS does not have any of these.

QUESTION 2: So, if the EFS does not generate frequencies…how does it work?

ANSWER: The EFS is essentially a two-part system.  
The first part uses principles of physics to couple, in an analog manner, with the natural frequencies emitted by the atoms within the user’s body.  Hence, none of the frequencies published on the internet or found in marketing literature are pertinent to the operation of the EFS.   
The second part then uses these same principles of physics in an analog manner to amplify and reintroduce those natural frequencies into the user’s body while maintaining the integrity of these natural frequencies. This analog amplification and reintroduction of the user’s natural frequencies is far from being an easy task to accomplish since this has taken us decades to develop. 
This analog amplification and reintroduction of the user’s natural frequencies increases intracellular voltage levels of the cells throughout the user’s body. With this increase of intracellular voltage, cellular energy levels throughout the user’s body are increased to enhance maintenance, repair, detoxification, rejuvenation, and various other biological functions.

QUESTION 3:   Why is the EFS so expensive?

ANSWER:  The components of the EFS are far from being inexpensive to manufacture given their levels of precision, physical characteristics, fabrication techniques, and particular uniqueness. 
For example, as an internet search on “analog amplifier” will reveal, analog amplifiers of far less precision will cost anywhere from $2,500 USD to over $35,000 USD. Unfortunately, none of these analog amplifiers – even at the $35,000 USD level – are sufficiently precise to maintain integrity of the user’s natural frequencies to be used in the EFS.
Furthermore, these example analog amplifiers are only suitable for amplification of sound energy, which is far easier of a task than analog amplification of the cellular energy of the user’s body, which requires far more sophisticated technology not only for faithful operation by the EFS but also for safe operation by the EFS since both these aspects of EFS operation are paramount.

QUESTION 4:  Is it safe for anyone to use?

ANSWER:   “Yes” for most and “No” for a relative few.
Regarding the “No” few.
  Anyone with an implanted electro-device is not eligible to use the technology.  It will not destroy their device or set it off (i.e. Defibrillator or such other device), but it will reduce the battery charge by at least 10% in a 20-minute EFS Charging Session.  How do we know this?  A tech at a cardiologist’s office read the before, during, and after EFS Charging Session user’s defibrillator. The readings showed the defibrillator recorded pure static, but the defibrillator battery charge level dropped by 10 percent during the 20-minute EFS Charging Session. 
Regarding the “Yes” most.  We have witnessed usage by individuals ranging in age of 3 days of age to 100 years of age use the EFS repeatedly.  We have witnessed usage by women throughout their entire pregnancy, on the day of birthing, and during recovery from birthing while nursing their babies. We have witnessed a wide range of user health levels from quadriplegics with various levels of injury to high caliber athletes preparing for the Olympics, and everything in between. However, a common occurrence from these users is that their use of the EFS had great success with many, many great results for which they credit the EFS.

QUESTION 5:   What if I cannot afford one of these EFS Units for my home?

ANSWER: That is a really great question.
Most people will not be able to purchase one of these units for their home, no matter how badly they want or need to use it.  Our recommendation is to find a wellness provider, gym/fitness center or spa and encourage them to add the EFS technology with EFS Charging Station(s) to their practice or facility.  One EFS Unit can support multiple users at a reasonable cost to the users in a professionally controlled environment and can be a highly profitable addition to their facility.

For more information feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have or visit our website at

We are looking forward to supporting and growing all of our very important relationships with all of you in 2024!



President & CEO
Energetic Fitness Systems
T: +1 (360) 392-0528

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