– EFS-Fibromyalgia & IBS Story

– EFS-Fibromyalgia & IBS Story

We want to thank Sherri Wright for her letter and her willingness to share her story with others.

From: Sherri Wright
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 7:16 PM
To: Justin Brost
Subject: TESTIMONIALAfter 6 years of health issues diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, Stress/Depression , High blood pressure & IBS with symptoms that came on suddenly in June 2005 & continued on a daily basis, ranging from mild to extreme – fatigue, body pain in muscles & joints that would wake me up during the night because it was so painful just to move or rollover in bed & keep me bedridden at times for several days, from being able to do just daily chores let alone trying to exercise or do anything that was remotely physical, headaches to full out migraines, nausea( every morning) & have had to be very limited with my diet. Previous to these last 6 years I was active ( skiing, trained for & completed a marathon in Maui, been tandem skydiving, hang-gliding, paragliding. Regular exercise ( running, Bikram Yoga on a daily basis for 6 months then 3 to 4 times a week for 2 years , weights at home & had a membership to the Gym), eating pretty much whatever I wanted & was able to be physical without issue…. I have been using the EFS (Energetic Fitness System) on & off for the last 4 months after being referred by a friend to try this. I have to say I have had tremendous results that the doctors have not been able to even come close to. My energy level has improved, the aches & pains are not keeping me up at night & my recovery time is quicker if I have a bad day. I’m being able to actually eat real meals again & more frequently, my headaches & nausea are becoming less frequent. The more I’m able to use the EFS the better I feel which is why I am getting one so I can use it on a daily basis or as necessary. I recommend the EFS to anybody who wants to improve their energy, speed up recovery & to basically boost their overall health & immune system. I’m able to know what it feels like to have a “GREAT” day again! Friends & Family have been amazed.

Thank You –  Shannon & Justin

Sincerely, Sherri Wright

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of 2 , Stepmom to 2, Friend, Business Owner & Partner : Age 46
“Just a few reasons to be as healthy as can be.”

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