“I AM” “ANALOG”!!!

The “HUMAN SYSTEM” or “BIOLOGY”: Is “ANALOG”. Many are looking to bolster this energy from technology in support of their wellness and human optimization efforts. 
Where does someone start? How can they know that a certain pulsing electromagnetic energy (PEMF) technology is safe? What is real? Which one will support our physiology most effectively?

SO…What is all the hype about FREQUENCIES?

We hear reference to frequencies with every electrotherapeutic device in use today.  Whether they are magnetic, direct current, pulsed electromagnetic, light based, or sound based all discuss frequencies at some point.  Do you truly understand what they are referring to?  Or, how these “frequencies” referenced are affecting your body’s natural frequencies and your physiology?

– WHAT IS THE BODY DIELECTRIC? And how can it be positively affected?

The body dielectric is the overall makeup of the body’s energy field. This includes the unique electromagnetic (EM) field or signal originating from every cell and every part of the cell and every particle in the entire body. It also pertains to how each signal interacts and reacts to internal as well as external EM fields, waves and potentials.


First part of the Understanding PEMF Summer Video Series:

An honest conversation about PEMF technology.


PEMF ORIGINS (Part 2 of 5)

Understanding PEMF Summer Video Series PART 2:

The true origins of PEMF.  How and why it was conceptualized.


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EFS Charging Sessions Your Way

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Safe for ALL Ages!

Testimonial after charging session

July 23, 2017 – A visitor talks about her experience after a charging session at Energetic Fitness Systems’ exhibit in Las Vegas.