IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas 2017

A visitor experiences the EFS 300PRO for the first time at Energetic Fitness System’s booth at the IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas in July 2017.

Testimonial after charging session

July 23, 2017 – A visitor talks about her experience after a charging session at Energetic Fitness Systems’ exhibit in Las Vegas.

Amateur Athlete – Rob’s EFS Encounter

Rob Lane’s story using EFS My EFS at a Biohacker laboratory offering several powerful modalities such as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) device, NeurOptimal, Infrared sauna and something unique called KAATSU. These all worked powerfully to help aid in my recovery from exercise and injury. My favorite was the PEMF system called EFS.  The lab set me up on many sessions to help me get ready for the biggest event of my career called 24 Hours Of Old Pueblo. It’s a 24-hour mountain bike race that I was invited to be a race partner for my 60th birthday. It doesn’t stop…

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Bulletproof Video Interview

Facebook LIVE with Dave Asprey!!!