– Another EFS Letter Comes In

“Some time ago, when I was about 30 something, I landed on my side with my rib cage hitting the top a stripping machine…I went to the doctor the next day, nothing broken but my ribs were bruised on my right side…I was sent home with an elastic brace or wrap for my torso which I used for the next 4 weeks…After the four weeks I still had to be careful, some movements still caused pain. Eventually, I mended…Fast forward about 17 years…I injured my ribs in a similar way. Nothing broken but bruised and sore…This time I had access…

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– Discussion on Energy Science Forum

I have have great success with your machine over the years as you know. I purchased your EFS100 about 10 years ago and have used it for many things, but most noteworthy, to completely eliminate a rotator cuff injury (tennis). I serve harder now at 45 than I did in college without any problems whatsoever.

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– Happy Father’s Day Story

“I wanted to follow up with you on how my father did with his first use of the EFS. As you know, he is 94 and has dementia and has also had a brain bleed…Well, I put him on the EFS for 15 minutes. After about 5 minutes he started just talking about his life… All of a sudden, he just starts talking about so many new things! None of his communication had the distorted flavor of the made up or irrational that his stories have begun to be colored with recently – when he does tell them. Very impressive change in just a few minutes! WOW! Thanks Justin! Feel free to share this success with anyone you wish to.”

John Welch, EFS-200PRO Owner/User

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– EFS-Fibromyalgia & IBS Story

We want to thank Sherri Wright for her letter and her willingness to share her story with others. From: Sherri Wright Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 7:16 PM To: Justin Brost Subject: TESTIMONIALAfter 6 years of health issues diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, Stress/Depression , High blood pressure & IBS with symptoms that came on suddenly in June 2005 & continued on a daily basis, ranging from mild to extreme – fatigue, body pain in muscles & joints that would wake me up during the night because it was so painful just to move or rollover in bed & keep me bedridden…

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– Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) / EFS SUCCESS!

We are constantly asked if EFS Usage will help with this ailment or another. We do not feel that EFS Usage should be used for any specific health issue. EFS Usage merely supports the body’s own innate recovery mechanisms. Recently, one user shared her experience and how her EFS Usage supported her struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

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First part of the Understanding PEMF Summer Video Series:

An honest conversation about PEMF technology.


– EFS-Fibromyalgia Testimonial #2

From: blakebarrett Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 8:29 AM To: justin Subject: testimonial About 18 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As I remember they weren’t even sure it was a medical condition back then. Four years ago I heard about a device that helped in therapy with a variety of medical problems. I stopped by Justin and Shannon’s house to learn more. After talking for a few minutes they offered for me to do a session on the EFS 100. We continued to talk with me learning more about the history of the EFS 100 and the theory…

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Dr. Daniel Aviv (Chiropractor) shares his EFS experiences



Eye recovery


Dr. Daniel Aviv, you are the reason we share this technology and will continue to do so.  It is our mission to help as many people energize their physiology to achieve their best life possible… 

Quality of Life is Everything! 

We look forward to hearing more about your recovery and what works best for you. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us.  

Learn more about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

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IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas 2017

EFS wraps up a successful show at IDEA World Convention 2017 in Las Vegas.

– This letter is from a Hard Core athlete

“I have been using the EFS for about 2.5 years now…I went on to buy a machine. I play soccer year round 3-5 times per week as well as snowboard and wakeboard. I play hard. And I injure myself quite often. I have had bad ankles since middle school and I sprain them on a regular basis. With the EFS a sprain that would normally put me out for a month only keeps me out for about 10 days…It wasn’t cheap but it is totally worth it. In 2.5 years it has been extremely reliable with no problems and consistent…

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I am pushing weight like I did when I was 30 and I feel incredible! I cannot imagine life without EFS – and neither can my clients!
Become Super Human – John Hardwick, Body Fusion FitClub | A Human Performance Studio

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Amateur Athlete – Rob’s EFS Encounter

Rob Lane’s story using EFS My EFS at a Biohacker laboratory offering several powerful modalities such as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) device, NeurOptimal, Infrared sauna and something unique called KAATSU. These all worked powerfully to help aid in my recovery from exercise and injury. My favorite was the PEMF system called EFS.  The lab set me up on many sessions to help me get ready for the biggest event of my career called 24 Hours Of Old Pueblo. It’s a 24-hour mountain bike race that I was invited to be a race partner for my 60th birthday. It doesn’t stop…

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Facebook LIVE with Dave Asprey!!!




Tony Davenport


Taken from the world, taken from those he had/or was healing, but most importantly taken from his family. He was lost to a serious battle with COVID-19 that came to an end on Sunday, October 19th 2021.

Please in his memoriam, support his loved ones still navigating this tremendous loss, by donating to their Go Fund Me campaign set up for this purpose. 

Tony, may you rest in peace, eternally.