“I LOVED it the very first time I used it. I felt more energy, a clear mind and my back pain was lessened.   I actually started to crave the sessions mostly because of the energy but also the lessened pain in my entire body. “

Many have been drawn to try an EFS Charging Session for a variety of reasons.  Michelle was a neighbor years ago, a friend and fellow parent of our athletic sons that surprised us all by setting the local high school record, winning all the way to the state Baseball playoffs several years in a row.  She visited often, sometimes with her son along, sometimes by herself.  We always enjoyed her company and interpretation of her EFS Charging Sessions and still do.  Recently, she shared her thoughts on EFS Charging Sessions in a wonderful testimonial.  We did not realize that her lower back pain had been chronic at the time.  We just remember her smiling and hopping like a bunny rabbit around our office to test how she felt after her first session.

Read more about this in her own words: Michelle’s testimonial


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