Testimonial – Michelle Clark

Michelle ClarkMy name is Michelle Clark, I have suffered from lower back pain from an accident when I was a teenager. Several years ago Justin and Shannon Brost,  friends and neighbors of mine, mentioned that they have something that may help.   I had been seeking chiropractic care and did have relief but it did not last long.  I decided to take Justin and Shannon’s offer and give their new ‘light bulb’ a try.  They were especially gracious and kind to allow me into their home to experience a few sessions with Justin.   My first thought was, what the heck is this thing all about and what the heck will it do to (not for) me? I figured that it must not be too bad as both Shannon and Justin use it often.   I LOVED it the very first time I used it. I felt more energy, a clear mind and my back pain was lessened.   I actually started to crave the sessions mostly because of the energy but also the lessened pain in my entire body.   I no longer have any of the lower back pain I’d suffered with for years now and owe it to this Energetic Fitness System.   Thank you Justin and Shannon!

Michelle Clark – Senior Construction Project Engineer  Seattle, WA

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