The Energetic Fitness System™ Technology provides the ultimate tool for balancing the body’s energetic system by creating a broad range of “non-digitally generated”, rapidly changing frequencies delivered through a high-static resonance frequency field to the user. It can be used safely by nearly anyone that does not have an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker. It has been utilized by individuals of all ages; the oldest we know of was 99 years of age. Some just desired rejuvenation from daily stress stemming from busy lives, others aiding recovery from strenuous work outs, competitive athletic endeavors, surgical procedures or injuries and many looking for relief of symptoms associated with diseases or treatments. Healthy, happy individuals have enjoyed Energetic Charging Sessions™ for many years as part of their daily personal routines. An Energetic Fitness System™ user does not need to be ill or injured to enjoy an Energetic Charging Session™.

Energetic Fitness System™ units have been available for use in several Medical facilities practicing integrated medicine and in Alternative Medical practices scattered about the country. Many individuals have purchased their own personal use model for themselves or family members.

We are constantly asked, “What does the EFS treat?” or “What does the EFS cure?” Neither of the terms “treat or cure” are proper terms to be associated with the EFS. The EFS technology does not treat or cure anything. Its usage may provide a balanced energy boost to the user enhancing their own bodies’™ natural healing capabilities. Listed below are some of the many issues that individuals were suffering from or had been diagnosed with, that safely experienced one or more Energetic Charging Sessions™ without any negative effects. Links to their “Unedited (original content unaltered with the exception of digitizing handwritten submissions) Full Testimonials” can be found on the Testimonials page.

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