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I have have great success with your machine over the years as you know.  I purchased your EFS100 about 10 years ago and have used it for many things, but most noteworthy, to completely eliminate a rotator cuff injury (tennis).  I serve harder now at 45 than I did in college without any problems whatsoever.  I wish you much success!  Bill

Thanks Bill.  Glad to hear it is still working well.

Right about the time you bought your unit was when a chiropractor in North Idaho started the rumor how any plasma bulb that was used in this manner would blow up.  We had over 200 units sold before we had our first instance of this.

We were exploring a new manufacturer for our bulbs (each one is hand produced in a nine step process) and came across an old glass energineer in Medford, OR.  He made a total of 3 bulbs for us and was a royal pain to work with, besides Driving from Bellingham, WA to Medford, OR was a bit much.  On one trip we were there to watch him make a bulb.  He could not get 2 of the pieces to come together correctly, so he used a glass welding rod to weld them together.  We had to leave right after that, so he kept there to finish and test.  It blew up.

Took me a bit, but then I realized that the soft glass of the bulb, welded to another soft glass piece with a pyrex glass welding rod could create a small situation.  Or in laymans terms – Boom Goes The Bulb.  Something about the expansion properties of the differing glasses.

Never had any other problems.

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