Amateur Athlete – Rob’s EFS Encounter

Rob Lane’s story using EFS

My EFS at a Biohacker laboratory offering several powerful modalities such as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) device, NeurOptimal, Infrared sauna and something unique called KAATSU. These all worked powerfully to help aid in my recovery from exercise and injury.

My favorite was the PEMF system called EFS.  The lab set me up on many sessions to help me get ready for the biggest event of my career called 24 Hours Of Old Pueblo. It’s a 24-hour mountain bike race that I was invited to be a race partner for my 60th birthday. It doesn’t stop there. I had a lot to do to prepare for this event. I just had a double torn meniscus and bone spur removal surgery on my left knee that was not healing well.

I started using the EFS device daily in leading days. I noticed the pain reducing, and swelling, and also noticed amazing amount of energy throughout my entire body. My race partner and I trained together for 60 days leading up to the event and even did an 8 hour race for practice which I used EFS during and was amazing for race performance, pain management and recovery. 5 days leading to the big race I also was recovering from a sprained thumb during training that EFS helped with.

During the race I would use EFS between laps to help with neck and knee pain and also for energetic recharge. It was an amazing help getting through those 128 miles over 24 hrs. EFS was the biggest win for me. One last thing to note, the following Monday after the race, we stopped on the way back from Tucson to do a little active recovery ride at this very scenic area. On a narrow trail section I flipped over the handle bars and it slammed my body to the ground so hard I broke my helmet. I had a mild concussion, dislocated both ring fingers, cut my shoulder and injured the rotator cuff and an assortment of cuts and scrapes and was feeling very nauseous. When we got back I got back on EFS for a charging session. This almost eliminated my pain, made the nausea go away and helped my pain levels for the 6-hour drive back home.

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