Achieving Energetic Vitality

The Fallacy of PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy & the Marketing Machines Responsible

Achieving Energetic Viitality

Like many articles before, Prime Women Media recently shared a very well written, believable, and politically correct story to MSN Media’s Health Articles.  What sets this article apart is that no PEMF brand is being promoted.  If a true analog PEMF were to have been named, all that has been stated, could be true.

In the past decade, stories like these have circulated but are naming particular PEMF brands, or products.  The named PEMF story’s contents have been based on what has been dreamed up by advertising machines hired to promote “PEMF” companies or individuals elbowing out the competition to acquire the much sought after and coveted title “PEMF Authority”.  This PEMF marketing phenomenon has fueled the spread of these marketing derived notions as being truths, including the pretense of being based on science or NASA supported, providing healing frequencies, to name a few.

The big question is whether PEMF benefits should be blanketly credited to all “PEMF” devices?  How do you categorize devices into PEMF?  It is a given that there are benefits to the folks offering either the product labeled as a PEMF or those providing sessions to clients in the form of revenues.  Are actual clients getting what they think they are paying for?  Do they understand what PEMF even is, where it came from, or the pros and cons of exposure?  Those should be the important questions to an end user.

Prime Women Media’s PEMF article touches on the fact that there are many types of devices claiming to deliver PEMF.  But are they?  How do we know all “PEMF devices” are inducing small electrical current in the body’s tissues or if they even should?  There are claims of pain relief, bone healing and many more.  Do these claims represent reality or hysterical hype induced by the marketing machines’ hard work?  There are many companies selling PEMF devices, who cite studies.  Were the studies done even using their devices?  Were the results more remarkable than normal healing times and outcomes?  That has been, and remains, unclear. Which devices work best?  Which ones are the safest?  Which ones might not actually be safe?  What is the history that led to the development of a particular device?  Who has truly benefited?  Is it really a PEMF?  So many questions.  Not enough answers.

There is one man who claims to be the father of the PEMF movement.  He resides in Canada.  Self-proclaimed, he favors himself as the ultimate PEMF expert. He shares liberally that he is the premier collector and researcher of Tesla technology.  He has created a narrative that Tesla is the father of PEMF.  Technically, he is correct.  However, Tesla did not label any of his electrotherapeutic technologies as a PEMF.  Many people believed, and still confuse, that his PEMF was Lakhovsky’s Multi-wave Oscillator or other technology.  The man from Canada claims to have researched all of Tesla patents and papers, along with supposed PEMF development from behind the iron curtain of yesteryear that is theoretically based on Tesla research. This, along with eastern European countries that offer electrotherapeutic medicine, is also based on Tesla research.  He claims worldwide travels to these eastern European destinations, which he has documented in film. The conclusions he has reached have been shared first by promoting fellow countrymen to media stardom and starring roles in his documentaries, then by feeding them into US Media spots to sell the storylines he has created.  He brags about this as he disses anyone challenging him with thoughts that collide with his marketing story.  A story that has some very big holes which no one’s ego can, or will, ever fill by “documentaries”, social media or by those promoted to media stardom.

The world has accepted the notion that PEMF was the brainchild of Nicola Tesla. Certainly, Tesla did have a remarkable understanding of electromagnetic fields, electricity, and magnetic energies.  History proves this.  Pulsing electricity was the only way to control several dynamic aspects of current.  Anyone that is familiar with the history of electricity knows that not only pulsing, but the controversy of AC versus DC current haunted research efforts of Tesla. 

The fact is that Tesla created a Human Energy Machine.  A device was mentioned in his belongings found in his hotel room, upon his death in a news article of that time. Was this the Human Energy Machine?  Or was it mistakenly just one of his inventions stored there?  Tesla did not reference PEMF anywhere in his works.  He is known to have assisted his friend, George Lakhovsky, in developing what became known later as the Multi-Wave Oscillator. There are photos everywhere of Tesla and Mark Twain, his other friend, holding a plasma bulb while sitting in front a giant Multi Wave Oscillator.  Tesla did experiments with electricity for healing.  Many of his patents were filed on electrical healing technologies he built, experimented with, and later abandoned.

The Canadian man admitted that he never had the pleasure of meeting anyone that used Tesla’s Human Energy Machine of yesteryear.  So how could he know how far off mark he may be?  How does anyone who has never seen, felt or tried an actual Tesla Human Energy Machine have any reference?  What did it feel like?  How did the user feel afterward?  What did it look like?  How was it used?  Tesla himself used this device and believed in it. 

There was a man who knew and shared his memories of using Tesla’s Human Energy Machine.  His name was Garrett, who at the time he recounted his experience with the device, was 92 years old.  He had grown up in Boston and spent summers with his grandparents on their farm in Upstate New York.  His grandfather had purchased a Human Energy Machine from Nicola Tesla and kept it in his barn.  Garrett used it regularly on his visits to his grandparents’ farm.  When his grandfather passed away, the device disappeared.

As described by Garrett, Tesla’s Human Energy Machine input AC electricity and then output an analog pulsed electromagnetic field.  His was a contact device that made the user a part of the electromagnetic circuit, while insulating the user from any actual electricity.  Its purpose was to boost the energy of the person using it.  Garrett confirmed this.  He and the other farm workers would use it to recover from a long day of hard manual labor so they could enjoy going to the local dance hall in the evenings,  …Garrett recounted with a very big smile. 

Tesla’s Human Energy Machine did not have flat magnetic coils like those used in today’s PEMF blankets or beds.  It did not have loops that caused muscle contractions when placed on the body.  It did not have any magnets at all.  But it did provide a pulsing analog electromagnetic field.  The device allowed the user to immerse their whole body into and become part of the pulsing electromagnetic field.  In the most honest way and without coining his technology as such, Tesla did create the truest version of a pulsed electromagnetic field technology or PEMF.  It would not be until over a hundred years later, and quite by accident, that he would get credit for this feat. Also, albeit with error and ignorance. 

There are many devices that should not be able to claim this designation and are not actually sharing a true pulsed electromagnetic field anywhere in their technology.

Electromagnetic fields, on their own, do not penetrate beyond a certain depth into the body. However, given natural analog electromagnetic fields the body has demonstrated the ability to absorb and utilize deep into its tissues and core.  This is not necessarily true of digital output technologies or magnets.  Many of the “PEMF” technologies provide a dominant induction field and any level of electromagnetic field present is only what encompasses the electrical wiring and solid-state transformer of a device.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields are not created by pulsing a coiled electric magnet.  Surprisingly there are devices claiming to be PEMF’s that cannot possibly be labeled as such, even though this is all they are doing.

The disconcerting aspect of having devices claim to be delivering pulsed electromagnetic fields to a user that do not, may either be emitting just induction fields or merely provide pulsing electromagnets, or magnets.  Depending on proximity to the user and several other factors, time will tell what actual outcomes or possible adverse side effects will arise from these exposures. Can anyone honestly blanketly state that all PEMF Therapies have been shown to be safe and effective?… And/or have few side effects? … And/or offer a non-invasive and painless treatment option?

Up until a short time ago, devices resembling the papimi device invented by a Greek mathematician were taboo in the United States. Many of these device manufacturers emanated deceptive advertising for promotion and yet still used papimi content to explain the technology, even though disproven.  This technology has been in existence for the past 30 years.  It has never been referred to by the inventor as PEMF.  In fact, it has been classified by the manufacturer as Ion-Induction-Therapy.   

Today, several copies are being sold which are identical to the papimi except for their housing and branding.  Up until PEMF earned some FDA clearance for neurological treatment for migraines, papimi copycat companies marketed their devices using a papimi website link to explain their product, or just plagiarized their content and used pieces and parts on their websites and marketing materials. Some continued to try to combine the explanation of PEMF with papimi content for marketing. But in the past decade, this began to change, they began to recognize that association with the papimi could potentially put them at risk of discovery and jeopardy of regulatory agency scrutiny. 

The papimi device was banned first in California when a child died of cancer using the device in lieu of any other treatment.  Animals are treated with these copycat papimi devices and humans, too.  How can anyone in good conscience sell either the device, or a session on these? Especially to those that are desperately trying to overcome a physical or an emotional issue.   Many users have spent large sums of money that could have gone towards actual therapies that would have helped them. 

The article from Prime Women Media shares claims being made about the effects of PEMF Therapy.  Included are increased energy, promotion of healing and regeneration, reduction of pain and inflammation, improved bone density, promotion of healing and regeneration of tissues in the joints, growing of new cartilage, improved circulation, enhanced joint health, expedited bone healing, improved sleep, a treatment for depression, enhanced human performance, neurological healing, cognitive improvement, and many more. How are these claims being measured?  By what standards are these statements true? Are they anecdotal or theoretical? Have those making these claims compared the actual healing time of a broken bone to standards of normal healing time for the age of the individual or animal, level of injury and the bone involved to the healing supported with PEMF?  

Photos of an x-ray taken of a broken bone in an Oregon man’s arm at initial injury were posted along with a photo of an x-ray of the same arm, allegedly taken three days later completely healed. The claim was that this miracle of science had happened using a one of the copycat papimi device PEMFs.  These photos circulated on social media for several years.  This story was recounted and eventually became the basis of claims of accelerated bone healing.  However, when those before and after photos were viewed on a large screen television, the after photo displayed complete with remnants of the photo edit it had undergone. It was impossible to not see the pixilation left from the edit.  It had obviously been altered to look like a healed bone.  There are still claims that this is a true story of bone healing.  It is not, at least with the technology credited for this.

Another misconception is based completely on conjecture and theory of frequencies. There are those that feel they can identify the dominant frequencies of an organ, disease, person, etc. from a diagnostic reading which can only be recorded, digitally.  Dominant frequencies by this method are identified, conditioned, and then fed back into the user digitally via several of the technologies claiming to be healing devices.  Living matter only has analog frequencies.  They are naturally occurring and are harmonic.

The Canadian man will claim that the flat electromagnets, he shows in his documentaries, will provide the healing PEMF and frequencies. He then documents everything from Spinal Cord Injury recovery along with several other health issues being treated in eastern Europe by these devices in high tech looking facilities.  Like most of the PEMF devices available, these use solid state technologies with digital output and controls.  His story may seem compelling to someone that is not familiar with healing effects from a true analog PEMF.  Healing timeframes for the issues he shares using the eastern European devices do not come close to performing to the levels of an analog PEMF. 

In fact, imported PEMF devices primarily use solid state power supplies, or transformers.  US PEMF manufacturers have followed their lead, and many are doing the same.  Solid state power supplies provide digital outputs.  The incentive is that these are lighter weight, can be digitally controlled, are far cheaper, and offer the engineer and/or manufacturer a way to create and control output features based entirely on digitally derived data.  But is digitally derived, conditioned data what it seems?  Does this truly offer the user effective healing? 

Another misconception that has grown out of control is the notion that flat coiled electro-magnets can be pulsed and create a useful pulsed electromagnetic field.  Meaningful, as in capable of stimulating effectively what is believed that PEMF is expected to do.  These flat coiled electromagnets are used in all PEMF beds, blankets, handheld tools, and more.  Many are purported to deliver not only PEMF, but also tuned frequencies. 

Frequencies are another whole topic which we will address in a future post.  Frequencies occur naturally and are analog.  There are some interesting digital technologies and equipment that can be used to read dominant frequencies of matter.  Living matter is analog. It does merely have some dominant frequencies these devices can read.  A more comprehensive diagnostic of living matter’s frequencies requires the use of an oscilloscope, which demonstrates clearly that living matter’s frequency profile is harmonic.  These harmonics are robust and their spectrum quite wide and varying, even in time.  Glimpsing the scope of living matter’s frequency spectrum live is quite humbling.

Taking the conditioned or tuned frequency notion a bit further, there are many PEMF technologies that address frequencies from another perspective.  Their method to tune or create frequencies are referenced by controlling the on/off pulse rate along with the amplitude of the induction, magnetic or electromagnetic field generated.  Pulse rates become the “frequency” referenced and protocols for field strengths or gauss become the method or protocol for treatments.   

How can a user of a PEMF know that they are not being energetically poisoned or the exposure causing EMF sensitivity?  Can they believe that any frequencies promised are real?  Does their body sense digital frequencies as beneficial, stressful, or even, at all? 

Does PEMF work?  Of course, it does. Providing it is an honest and true analog PEMF.  Those that have experienced, and have documented history to prove rapid bone healing, or for those with other documented chronic health issues, or experienced miraculous reversal of their issues, will tell you PEMF works.  True analog PEMF is incredible.  It is undeniably the easiest, safest, and best method to achieve energetic vitality. Analog PEMF provides the most benefit as the body does not need to struggle to interact with the pulsed electromagnetic field.  Being an integral part of an honest pulsed electromagnetic field is an experience not to be overlooked.  

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