SO…What is all the hype about FREQUENCIES?


We hear reference to frequencies with every electrotherapeutic device in use today.  Whether they are magnetic, direct current, pulsed electromagnetic, light based, or sound based all discuss frequencies at some point.  Do you truly understand what they are referring to?  Or, how these “frequencies” referenced are affecting your body’s natural frequencies and your physiology?

First, let’s establish what a frequency is as it relates to our own frequencies.  Websters online dictionary and the online dictionary of Oxford Languages define frequencies as follows:

Websters Online Dictionary:

Frequency   noun

fre·​quen·​cy ˈfrē-kwən(t)-sē 

plural: frequencies

  1. the fact or condition of occurring frequently, example: the frequency of automobile accidents.
  2. a : the number of times that a periodic function repeats the same sequence of values during a unit variation of the independent variable

b : the number, proportion, or percentage of items in a particular category in a set of data


(as it applies to electromagnetic frequency):

  1. The number of repetitions of a periodic process in a unit of time: such as

–  the number of complete alternations per second of an alternating current

–  the number of complete oscillations per second of energy in the form of waves

    (such as sound or electromagnetic radiation)

Oxford Online Dictionary:

  1. the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample:

“An increase in the frequency of accidents due to increased overtime” or, “shops have closed with increasing frequency during the period”, or “the fact of being frequent or happening often”.

SIMILAR: commonness, prevalence, incidence, amount

STATISTICS: the ratio of the number of actual to possible occurrences of an event, or the (relative) number of times something occurs in a given sample.

(as it applies to electromagnetic frequency):

  1. the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves),
    • in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second: “different thicknesses of glass will absorb different frequencies of sound” or,
    • the particular waveband at which a radio station or other system broadcasts or transmits signals: “a radio station on a single AM radio frequency” · “a coding sequence to ensure that everyone changes frequency in the correct manner.”


The definition of frequency has two classifications from both reference sources.  One defines occurrence of any definable event, and the other definitions pertain to electromagnetic, electric, radio, sound, and light frequency. 

It is notable that there are vast differences between living and non-living matter.  This is taught as basic science in primary school.  A good refresher on this can be viewed here:

In the past two decades, synthetic life and the research of synthetic biology can be argued to have blurred our perception of what is real and what is not, pertaining to living and non-living matter.  However, it is very important to remember as remarkable as this science promises to be, it has not produced a synthetic life form to date.  That is still science fiction.  Even invitro fertilization which allowed for living creatures to be grown in a lab, had to utilize living cells to accomplish fertilization for an embryo to grow.  To date, although scientists are trying, creation of synthetic life from non-living matter remains elusive.  It is important not to confuse reality with the dreams created by fiction.

Electromagnetic, radio, sound and light frequencies are measured by energy waves, in various states, emitted in the patterns of data explained in these basic definitions.  Naturally occurring, all of these emit analog energy and the wave forms when data is measured and depicted in a chart, visually are smooth line waves showing range in height (amplitude) , wave length (measured in Hertz (Hz) where the number of Hz is the peaks per second. 

Diagram of a frequency

Live biological matter’s analog emissions are not constant and fluctuate.  They appear fluid when measured ambiently using a very sensitive ambient oscilloscope.  Live tissue emits frequencies which are harmonic and range from very low frequency into higher ranges.  There is no technology currently advanced enough to collect the full harmonic frequencies data even for sound, let alone a live biological entity’s matter without losing a large portion of the numbers of frequencies or full frequency.  Existing technologies may read the many frequencies of a harmonic output, but there is no technology able to output them exactly as they have been read.

A chance opportunity allowed the developers of their analog PEMF technology a rare glimpse at the frequency output of their technology while in use.  A very sensitive and ambient oscilloscope had been loaned by a manufacturer to an electronics store near Bellevue Washington.  One of the employees offered to read the analog PEMF in action.  The wife of the developer first was scanned for her frequency emissions, as was the analog PEMF device turned on without her engaged with it.  The employee turned the oscilloscope antenna’s sensitivity as high as it could be turned up for the wife.  Her frequencies did not register on the oscilloscope screen.  The analog PEMF read a very narrow band of frequencies at 60 Hz range, a very weak narrow band. This is why the employee was standing very close with the antennae turned up to be as sensitive as it could be.  When the wife engaged the analog PEMF the oscilloscope screen completely blanked out, going from the totally empty dark screen to a completely white screen.  The employee quickly adjusted the sensitivity of the antenna as low as it could be set to and stepped back from the wife and device about six feet.  The screen then showed a wide band of frequency waves which fluctuated.   The 60 Hz carrier wave diminished and was barely evident.  The wife experimented with influencing this fluctuation of the wave and found just a thought would alter the wave’s frequency band’s depth and behavior.  She also decided to try using a common energy worker technique and was able to see the frequency band change at her will.  Without her in the circuit, the frequency band would diminish to a narrow band at 60Htz range, which reflected the AC power input from the electricity the device was plugged into.

A well-known fact is that frequencies in nature are All ANALOG  

A well-known fact is that frequencies in nature are all analog.  Frequency reading tools interpret the data from analog frequency readings into digital values.  It is very important to consider the fact that even the most advanced oscilloscope is unable to identify and report frequencies’ mathematical value readings beyond 2 decimal places.  It is the hope for advancements in technologies to provide actual mathematically correct readings in the near distant future with much hope for ongoing development of quantum computing technologies.  Physics confirms frequencies measure mathematically to 5 to 8 decimal places, so these digital data values from these readings are limited.  When rounded to 2 decimal places, what are we changing or missing? Add the additional missing frequency data, due to how many frequencies are in a harmonic band that may be missing, compounds the issue of what has been lost.  Engineers talk of conditioning and only using the dominant frequency data collected for this, with the intent to use it for healing technologies.  Theoretically, is this enough?  And, to “condition” digital frequencies from these readings to be more analog like seems very presumptuous on their part.  The notion of influencing frequencies of live matter cannot overlook the differences and risks of applying the same methods utilized by technologies using frequencies to affect non-living matter.

Analog & Digital Waveforms




Digital frequencies wave forms are not smooth and cannot be misinterpreted as a pure sine wave.  Digital frequencies are not the same or equal to analog frequencies’ measurements, mathematically.  It is impossible for any current technology to deliver the array of frequency harmonics living matter outputs.  In fact, it is still theoretical that digital frequencies applied to living matter truly treat or heal living matter at all.  If this does illicit a response, is the response truly healing…or just a response?





Digital & Analog Comparison Waveform


Engineers, scientists, and physicists talk about conditioning digital frequency to present closer to a true sinewave.  Unfortunately, it will still have a sawtooth presentation.  And it will still have the limitation of only mathematically reading to 2 decimal places.   This is valuable science for use in music, radio, television and other non-living technologies and applications for these.  Non-living matter can respond in many positive ways to digital frequencies, evidenced in incredible technology tools we use every day.   Although, one cannot ignore the discussion by quite a few researchers as to the safety risks that may exist for biologic living matter, like human or animal, having negative exposures due to proximity to the fields these technologies create.  Do our cells truly interpret these partial, mimicked frequencies in a positive or negative manner?  Does the delivery manner exacerbate this either way?

It is an assumption by most of us, when thinking about our own frequencies, and wellness tools claiming to heal us with frequencies, that the “healing frequency or frequencies” being referred to are those pertaining to the “as it applies to electromagnetic frequency” definitions.  Are they?  It was shocking to learn how many “experts” were confusing these definitions to explain their healing technologies functionality. It was just as disturbing to learn that many of these very brilliant individuals did not seem to understand, or were actively ignoring, physically and scientifically defined differences between non-biological and living matter.  And, it has been an assumption by many of the developers, engineers and scientists who have developed many of the healing technologies of today that the same laws of physics and material sciences apply to these very different forms of matter.  But do these laws, in truth, blanketly apply?  Or are assumptions being made that should not?  Sound, light, radio, magnetic, static electric and electromagnetic frequencies have many similarities. However, these each have unique differences that cannot be overlooked, especially when considering their influence on living matter.  So, do you think all the old established rules and laws apply? 


There are many buzz words bantered about by energy medicine gurus, using emerging bio-energetic technologies or even tried and true energy techniques.  Most of us have heard the references to “high frequency” or, “raising my frequencies” to be the goal to achieve energetic wellness.  Each of these references are misleading and devoid of science or physics credibility.

Frequency spectrum

High frequency would be quite limiting to a living creature and most likely cause imbalance and energetic discomfort to the creature.  To avoid belittling the energy medicine guru’s wording choice, let’s assume that what is being referenced as the desired outcome of the technology or technique to be “increased frequency amplitude” and not alter to the band of high frequencies (identified in the frequency band chart above) which would not be healing.  Our frequencies determine our physical composition as it relates to our cells.  To change these could theoretically change us into something else, i.e. a frog or rock, or at the very least might cause an imbalance.

Another frequency misnomer confusing the truth about frequencies has been created by technology developers mistakenly thinking they have created frequencies for a direct current technology by turning it on and off.  Many have mistaken the weak electromagnetic field surrounding wiring as being the electromagnetic field of PEMF, even though it is much better categorized as an electrical induction field.  Many of these technologies are mistaking pulse rates for electromagnetic frequencies.  These technologies use solid state type tuners which control the pulse rate of their DC power able to pulse at incredibly fast rates.  These pulse rates are then mistakenly identified as frequency rates.  Which although technically are frequency patterns, are being misinterpreted in this context.  The controls also regulate amplitude of the power and claim to provide magnetic gauss control.  Many of these device manufacturers proudly share intricate charts and graphs designed to substantiate their claims of having created frequency, amplitude, and gauss output for their particular electromagnetic device, not realizing this oversight.  Frequencies as they pertain to electromagnetic frequency of cells, and as defined by both dictionary’s excerpts at the beginning of this paper, define electromagnetic frequencies as not created by the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period, such as an on and off scenario of DC current powering a device.  That is not an electromagnetic frequency, no matter how many waves are plotted from this erroneous data.  Even the 60Htz output frequency of the US electric power transmission is not the same as frequencies emitted by biologic living matter.  There have been many discussions and warnings from wellness providers for several decades regarding power in our homes and offices being stressful to our energetic biology.  

Many are mistaking pulse rates for electromagnetic frequencies. 

Also, both intimidating and bantered about energy medicine laws, are “healing rife frequencies”.  To understand this misnomer, we need to first understand where “rife frequencies” originated.  Dr. Royal Rife lived in the age of analog science.  He did not have solid state digital anything.  He tuned his rife device using crystals, which was a common tuning method during his time.  Crystals were used in some radios, and possibly other important technologies of that era.  He would use the crystals to tune his device until it created resonate vibrations that would explode or damage cells, viruses, and bacteria much like Ella Fitzgerald could explode a wine glass with her voice.  Dr. Rife’s crystals were the backbone of his technology, and of the crystals he always kept one with him when he left the lab, as the important proprietary item it was.  When he died and his lab partner decided to create the Bare-Rife device, the crystals were not part of this technology.   Dr. Bare gave birth to the notion that digital frequencies could achieve those same outcomes as the original rife machine’s crystal tuning.  Dr. Bare introduced contact direct current as a delivery system.  How could his version even be compared to Dr. Rife’s?  Dr. Rife used crystals which were analog?  Just ponder this notion for a moment…an array of harmonic analog frequencies influencing or affecting analog frequencies of living matter, as opposed to a limited number of digital frequency output influencing or affecting an array of analog frequencies of living matter.  Hmmm.  It should not be lost on us that rife or bare-rife technology was created to destroy, not heal.   That notion came decades later.

Rife & Bare-Rife technology was created to destroy.

The Schumann Frequency designated to be 7.83 Hz is another heavily used and misunderstood frequency.  But even this frequency is touted to be something it is not.  The Schumann Frequency value is determined by the number of lightning strikes hitting the earth counted at a given time.  This value, of course, changes with the number of strikes at any moment.  Obviously, it is not the actual frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field, as purported.  Along with claiming that the value is 7.83 Hz and that that designation represents the electromagnetic activity between the earth and the ionosphere, this frequency is credited for being the holy grail of healing frequencies.  Points to consider are: 1) This frequency designation has only been measured out 2 decimal places, 2) The Schuman Frequency term overlooks that there are many “frequencies” being ignored which are just as reliably relevant. Scientists refer to these as Schuman Resonances, a term which is far more accurate, 3) The frequency itself only represents the occurrence of lightning striking the earth for one moment.  Does any of this really seem logical to accept as being anything more? 

Who has heard of the Solfeggio Frequencies These are shared freely all over the internet and have been used and written about for decades.  Compared to Asian chanting tones. Solfeggio frequencies are most known from Gregorian Chants as the tones these created.  These tones were after all, delivered by human voices which were harmonically chanted and broadcast analog frequencies to the surrounding location.  They were believed to be healing for both body and spirit.  The tones have also been delivered using bells. Ringing of these bells provides full analog frequency harmonics. Results of healing bell therapy have been touted as working by many alternative healers for decades.  Today, many of the technologies claim to deliver healing frequencies via digitally output sounds, pulsed electromagnetic fields, water, light, even smart phone apps and computers, etc. are basing a fair amount of their frequency data sets on Solfeggio frequencies.  In fact, many rife frequency lists include them as healing frequencies.  Again, it is still important to remember that technology does not exist to create fully harmonically correct frequency data sets that mirror honest and true naturally derived frequency output, digitally.  Theoretically, digital frequencies can be conditioned to be used as healing frequencies and added to output energetic delivery forms for treatments.  It is only possible to output a mimicked digital version of the dominant frequencies derived from any frequency data reading.  Do you think your cells would understand and respond positively to this digital frequency gibberish, as effectively as they can with clean honest and true analog frequencies they recognize?  Can our cells fill in the blanks created by the limitations of digitally altered data sets?  Do we truly know what they are being told or what we are even saying to them?  So many questions…

Do Your Cells understand & respond positively to Digital Frequency Gibberish?  

There are technologies that claim to deliver frequencies imprinted on water that is then converted to vapor which the user breathes in.  Physically, as in the physics thereof, this is impossible.  Water is a great medium to imprint frequencies into, due to its crystalline structure. There are many good examples of this. Especially Dr. Emoto’s beautiful photos of ice crystals from rapidly frozen water imprinted as it freezes (solid) with frequencies of sound and intention.  However, water that is changed to a different state, such as vapor loses any imprinting the moment it changes from a liquid to vapor.  Fact: Every atom has its own set of specific frequencies, depending on the state it is in; solid, liquid, gaseous or plasma.  When water changes from liquid to gaseous it changes its frequencies, which in turn deletes any imprints.  It is important to note that Dr. Emoto photographed crystals forming in a solid state. When the crystal melted back into a liquid state no frequency imprint existed.  The users breathing supposed frequency imprinted water, are only breathing regular water vapor or steam.

It is for the reader to determine their own stance on what is and is not a healing frequency, or at the least, supportive to wellness frequency, and whether exposure to any of these frequencies is acceptable.  For the developers of an analog PEMF, there is no other choice but analog frequencies for us to resonate with. It is our conscience choice to allow, encourage and appreciate our own body to act as the computer determining what it needs to use where.  And, until emerging quantum technology can successfully mirror, understand, and apply man-made frequencies as effectively as our own body can, for us, there can be no other choice.

Technology built on HONEST SCIENCE & PHYSICS

Humbled by the BODY’S OWN WISDOM…To know what it needs TO HEAL ITSELF.

Energetic Fitness Systems (EFS) PEMF technology is truly analog. 100% of available frequencies are the natural frequencies derived from the user, who is part of the electromagnetic field and circuit.  As part of this circuit, the user’s frequencies are never “conditioned”, nor digitally forced upon them.  Because of being part of the electromagnetic circuit the user’s frequencies increase in amplitude.  This amplitude raises the body’s energetic resilience, and the body utilizes this increased energy where it deems it is needed most.  EFS Analog PEMF technology provides a safe and relaxing charging session experience for those seeking to achieve energetic balance by nourishing their cell’s honest natural cellular energy supporting their own natural frequencies.  



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