Human Analog Computer

The Human Brain is the most powerful analog computer on earth.

Body Intelligence, Computing, Energy and Storage…

It is a well-known fact that all living things are analog both in their physical structure and energetic fields.  In fact, even nonliving, natural matter is analog. Living and non-living natural matter’s energetic output can be measured and analyzed, to a point which allows somewhat of a glimpse at the energy fields emitted from all matter, living or otherwise.  To say it is challenging to get an accurate glimpse of the incredibly massive, emitted information from these energy fields is not an overstatement. 

To say that the human brain, alone, is the most highly efficient and complex analog computer on the planet cannot be understated.  In fact, all living matter emits a kaleidoscope of frequencies that create energy fields within energy fields, within energy fields, and so on.  This makes up a pulsing, light emitting living structure whose frequencies can be mathematically measured to the 8th decimal point.  With this amazingly advanced and efficient analog computer, our brain regulates living peripherals like our organs, limbs, communications, energy production and utilizations, learning and maturing, and so much more.

Just how exactly our brain or body intelligence accomplishes these feats is rather controversial.  There are many theories based in science, physics, metaphysics, ancient doctrines, etc.  TCM and Acupuncture mapped human, and even animal, energy systems thousands of years ago.  These systems, once considered theoretical by western medicine, are becoming much more accepted and considered with many alternative therapies and techniques being employed today in functional medicine. 

TCM observation provides the well-known fact that living creatures have energy cycles.  These are not to be confused with circadian rhythm or any other rhythm cycles.  Each species’ energy cycles in a narrow timed cyclic time span.  For humans these energy cycles ranges from 20-22 minutes.  We have witnessed smaller animals, such as ferrets cycling at around 12 minutes.  The how and why of that observation is a conversation for another day.  However, our recommendations for EFS Charging Sessions™ evolved around this basic knowledge along with considerable amounts of testing to settle what makes the best sessions.

Comparably speaking, it is estimated, the human brain performs an exaflop of floating-point operations, per second.  An exaflop is one quintillion (1, followed by 18 zeros) or a billion-billion processes per second.  All of this is done with just 20 watts of power, compared to the Frontier Exascale Computer which consumes just under 20 megawatts per exaflop.  As for memory, in a Scientific American report, the average adult brain can accumulate the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes to memory.  This is roughly 2.5 petabytes which is the equivalent of 2,560, 1 terabyte SSD storage devices. 

Let’s now consider how much energy, no matter the scale of usage to energy required, by either the human brain or an Exascale Computer, factor in the known issue of how much energy is required for processing and how much heat these computers potentially create. Today’s Exascale Computers are diligently cooled by several methods. The volume of data a human brain processes without overheating partially due to its analog nature along with its low power usage.  Its efficiency cannot be rivaled with today’s technologies.  So, it is not surprising that there is a quest to revive analog computer processing to integrate or replace digital computing in many areas of research and developing technologies, especially related to AI and specific tasking processes.  

It is also not to be overlooked that research and development of analog data storage has a very promising future but still cannot surpass the human brain’s storage capacity or its instant recall abilities.  This is not to say that today’s advanced supercomputers cannot out process the human brain on calculations or some processes.  Space requirements, as in the size of these computers with supportive equipment to keep them in operation (estimated at tens of thousands of square feet or more) along with the limitations in how the resulting computations can be utilized or interfaced for application, remains its Achilles heel. 

The highly advanced human computer’s agile ability to process information to regulate its physical processes and at the same time our thought and emotional processes, while at the same time processing navigation of its surroundings while growing, aging, learning, healing, etc. no one can deny is an amazing feat.  Even with birth defects, damage, and loss of function(s), our “body logic” fights for our survival. 

This body logic and knowing resides in all of us with failsafe processes built into our physiology to create reroute pathways around failing or missing peripheral physiology or anatomical parts and to create methods to protect our core organs from extreme heat or cold autonomically. Modern medicine leverages and yet, still does not fully understand much of this.  Modern medicine, allopathic and holistic, have developed ways to encourage healing and well-being using our fail-safe systems by our body.  What we, collectively as humans, do know about what being human is all about, what our body and mind are capable of is still a vast unexplored area of science and physics.  It is also obvious, but important to acknowledge, the footprint, as in measurable size of the human brain and/or body is considerably smaller than what is required by any manmade supercomputer.

Resonance, & Coherence …

In physics, resonance refers to a situation where an external force or a vibrating system compels another system to vibrate with greater amplitude at a specific frequency of operation.



Resonance with light, sound, temperature, nutrient and caloric support, electromagnetic fields from the earth and beyond into the universe, etc. influence living matter energy fields emit. Human energy fields are also affected by emotion, thought, and so much more as was observed in an impromptu experiment with an ambient powerful oscilloscope over two decades ago while a human was engaged in an Energetic Charging Session on an EFS device. (READ MORE)  

Too much, too little, or out of phase resonance from any of these sources influence living matter.  This resonance can be perfectly in balance, influencing matter to be coherent supporting the living matter’s energy well-being. Or, it has the potential of being harmful or not working at all.  This is true for all living matter, be it animal, plant, or even us.

The concept of human energy field coherence is multifaceted, and Wallace G. Heath, PhD’s contributions provide valuable insights into understanding and optimizing our energetic well-being.  His inquiry and study helped us at Energetic Fitness Systems bridge the science and physics pertaining to the mechanics and outcomes of EFS Charging Sessions over twenty years ago.  Dr. Heath delved into the idea of biofield resonance coherency positively influencing cellular processes and overall well-being relating to his studies. (READ MORE)

Our Human Energy Field (HEF) strengthens by resonating with positive energy and conversely it weakens with energy that is not perfectly coherent with our own.  That does not mean that cause and affect are not present, nor that our energy fields cannot be influenced by a less than perfect energy field to resonate with. The question remains, how to know what is perfect and what is not and, if it is not perfect can it be a good stressor or a damaging one?  Dr. Heath identified several of these and even correlated HEF with lay lines of the earth and earth force events.  His contributions provide valuable insights into the understanding and optimization of our energetic well-being. 

Due to Dr. Heath’s grasp on HEF and his own experiences using the EFS, he was instrumental in our measuring and learning how to target, what we like to think of as the sweet spot of biofield coherent resonance put into the Energetic Fitness System technology.  All our products have been built around these findings.  And, we have been building on this basis for the past twenty plus years.

We are all very aware of the dangers of electromagnetic smog, radiation, etc.  These all are well known to negatively influence our energy field, resulting in illness, pain, or many other manifestations.  Many of these negative energy field influences come from nonliving naturally occurring matter which are, in fact, analog. 

Our own scientific inquiry, admittedly anecdotal, showed us how any exposure to digitally derived or conditioned electromagnetic energy affected HEF negatively.  Individually, we commit to minimizing exposure to these to protect our own energy fields, which we feel are an intricately orchestrated array of cellular frequencies emissions that originate at an atomic level naturally.  These are already tuned perfectly.  Our goal is to amplify these in an even more efficient manner than nature can or will be able to provide in the future.  We believe the EFS technology is our best tool to accomplish maintaining and strengthening our biofield resonance coherency.

Where this has led us…

Energetic Fitness Systems is nearing the 30-year mark of inquiry into its technology and how it best supports the strength of the HEF.  Our inquiry has allowed us to evolve our own uniquely tuned version of Nicola Tesla’s Human Energy Machine.  As we have stated so many times in the past 20 plus years, our technology was offered originally by Nicola Tesla as the Human Energy Machine, state-of-the-art of its time.  And then it was followed with other cruder formats for over the past 100 years.  Energetic Fitness Systems offers a unique state-of-the-art to our time version which has evolved past any other Analog PEMF technologies available today.  Its secret sauce, although proprietary, offers the very best energetic charging session experience, providing consistently best outcomes for users.

Our approach has shown us how each human, or animal, applies natural bio-compatible energy to its unique life experience.  There are several commonalities, but even those, we cannot predict when these will become a part of the user’s awareness, even though we are certain that is an inevitability.  We have fielded too many calls, texts, and emails to count from users asking if anyone else experienced this, or that, along the way.  We have enjoyed feedback from those telling us; “This thing really works!”.  And calls to tell us; “You don’t know what you have!”.  All with great enthusiasm.

As a product developer sharing our technology both for private usage and with commercial usage support, it is important to us to provide the best experiences for the users of our technology.

We offer usage training both remotely and in-person with certification for our commercial EFS Charging Session™ providers. 

We will never tell a user how they are going to feel or how their body wisdom will utilize the amplification of their own bio-energy levels.  Other energy wellness product marketers may tell a user how they are going to feel from using their device, or technology, to influence that user’s perception of their experience and ultimately outcomes. 

Our stance is this can be likened to leveraging brainwashing and conditioning techniques for marketing purposes.  In our mind, this practice encourages a placebo effect reaction.  As humans, it is very possible to charismatically abuse and influence our perceptions.  Energetic Fitness Systems diligently opposes this practice and promotes users to have their own perception about their EFS Charging Sessions™. 

We encourage others to learn more about Energy Wellness and empower themselves to live their best lives with the comfort of knowing they are on a path of wellness.

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