Testimonial – Deborah of Florida

From: Deborah of Florida
Sent: March 25, 2014 at 9:51:50 AM EDT
To: John of Florida to share with Energetic Fitness Systems
Subject: Success with EFS 200 Pro

HI John,

John did me the favor of introducing me to the EFS 200 Pro.

I had been suffering from severe electromagnetic-hypersensitivity after moving into a house that was 1/3 mile from three cell phone towers, has a Smartmeter out the back of my living room windows, and really old wiring (1954) that is deteriorated and ungrounded in most rooms. What a mess! It has been 4 months since I moved in and my health problems began.

I had felt severe burning on my skin and abdominal organs in the mornings from the electromagnetic radiation I was suddenly subjected to. For about a month, I couldn’t sleep through the night in the house, waking up with the pain and burning sensation. My husband took me to hotels to sleep on and off for another month and a half. I finally got some shielding up in my bedroom, but still felt bad and was trying to get a handle on the pain, fatigue and loss of clear thinking, and was very worried about my health prospects. John came to the rescue with your machine.

I sat holding the glass bulb, feeling a pleasant bubbly sensation in my hands and body. Just three minutes was all it took. I felt rejuvenated, like my cells had been bathed in electrons as John said, and my body took what it needed. I felt restored to my previous state of “life” -rather than lethargy!

I am waiting to see how long it lasts and when I might need to use the machine again. Thank you so much! I had practically given up hope of really feeling well again. This makes the world of difference!

Debbie from Florida
March 24, 2014


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