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Nicolas Bartolotta





If I had to pick one word to describe the EFS 100 it would be Salvation!  The EFS is a magnificent training tool as well as an overall health and wellness product.  My first experience with the EFS 100 was the three-day intensive training course, and I must say that it was profound and enlightening all at once.  Being an elite athlete and Body Worker/therapist I have had extensive experience with many different kinds of therapeutic products and modalities.  I have tried everything from deep tissue massage to Stem to Rolfing and countless other methods or machines that boast optimum performance for my body.  In my opinion the EFS 100 leaves the rest of them in the dust.  After my first usage I had an incredible detoxification response and a staggering increase in my overall energy level. I have since become certified as an Energetic Focus Session Technician and have purchased my own machine, which I have implemented into my daily routine.  I am also a certified Meridian Flexibility Trainer and I immediately began to use the EFS with my clients in order to increase the rate of their development while decreasing their soreness.  With the EFS 100 my clients can work harder and at intense levels of exertion for longer periods of time without the fatigue that they would normally experience.  But the true value of the machine for me has been my own personal development and growth.  So many people involved in alternative medicine or the healing arts get run down and burnt out.  I truly believe that without the EFS I would be heading down the path to an early retirement and a midlife crisis.  Instead I have the energy to do three or four privates (training sessions) a day and get my own work outs in without even blinking an eye.


Learn more about Nic at his website:  DCT PROFLEX – Nicolas Bartolotta MPT, HHP, DCT Instructor

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