SO…What is all the hype about FREQUENCIES?


We hear reference to frequencies with every electrotherapeutic device in use today.  Whether they are magnetic, direct current, pulsed electromagnetic, light based, or sound based all discuss frequencies at some point.  Do you truly understand what they are referring to?  Or, how these “frequencies” referenced are affecting your body’s natural frequencies and your physiology? Read More…

Achieving Energetic Vitality

Energetic Vitality

Achieving Energetic Vitality – The Fallacy of PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy & the Marketing Machines Responsible Read More…

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EFS: From Tesla’s Party Trick to a Cure | eWay-Blog
An inspiring story worth sharing 😉 Read More…

PEMF ORIGINS (Part 2 of 5)

Understanding PEMF Summer Video Series PART 2:

The true origins of PEMF.  How and why it was conceptualized.


“I AM” “ANALOG”!!!


The “HUMAN SYSTEM” or “BIOLOGY”: Is “ANALOG”. Many are looking to bolster this energy from technology in support of their wellness and human optimization efforts. 
Where does someone start? How can they know that a certain pulsing electromagnetic energy (PEMF) technology is safe? What is real? Which one will support our physiology most effectively? Read More…

Experience EFS Charging Session Your Way! :-)

EFS Charging Sessions TM – YOUR WAY! 

EFS Charging Sessions Your Way

Sitting…   Standing…   Laying Down…  Energized Stretching…   Yoga …   Meditating…   Relaxing…   Visualizing…  So many ways!

Safe for ALL Ages!

The Energetic Fitness System™ does not heal, is not a medical device and is not for use in the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or prevention of any disease, physical ailment or medical condition. Use of the Energetic Fitness System™  is not a replacement for accepted traditional or alternative medical care. Each user should first consult with their physician before use of the Energetic Fitness System™.  Usage of the Energetic Fitness System™ is not recommended by individuals that have heart pacemakers or any other implanted electrical device.  Third party statements, testimonials and descriptions are the accounts and opinions of Energetic Fitness Systems™ Users/Customers. These third party statements, testimonials and descriptions are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or prevention of any disease, physical ailment or medical condition and have not been evaluated by the FDA, and as such, should not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise.

What is in your PEMF?

Does your PEMF,  or one you have used, contain toxic inert gases for you to resonate with?  Are you being confused with deceptive marketing whose terminology scrambles terms like “frequency” and “pulse rate” or,  “frequency” and “carrier wave”? Has someone told you that they are going to “raise your frequencies”?  Have you been told that any technology creates “Scalar Waves”? …because there is no such thing as a “Scalar Wave”.  Have you been told that Scalar is the “ultimate healing energy”?   Don’t let yourself be misled. Let Science and Physics keep you safe!!! 🙂  Live Well! Read More…

Nick Mancuso’s Take on EFS





Bulletproof Video Interview

Shane Nicolich’s (Positive Vibes Podcaster) First EFS Charging Session

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Michelle Clark

“I LOVED it the very first time I used it. I felt more energy, a clear mind and my back pain was lessened. I actually started to crave the sessions mostly because of the energy but also the lessened pain in my entire body. I no longer have any of the lower back pain I’d suffered with for years now and owe it to this Energetic Fitness System.” Read More…

Thank you for sharing your EFS story!

Thank you so much Glenn for sharing your EFS Story and Journey.   “I cannot explain how it works but do realize what it has done for me. What I do know is that it stems from Nikolai Tesla’s work with alternating current energy. It is a glass plate with a cord and large light bulb. I hold the bulb to my neck and move it around for 20 minutes. I often tell people, I do not care how it works, I am just glad it does. My wife and children were always afraid and cautioned me at every turn. When we moved last year from …………. (Nov. 2014), I was able to help load and unload three trucks. This is something I hadn’t done in years. “ Read full testimonial emails dated from 2015 and as recently as 2023! Testimonial – Glenn Prentice (2023 & 2015) – Energetic Fitness Systems | Analog PEMF Technology   Read More…

EFS EMG Proof from Dr. Daniel Aviv (Chiropractor)